Fastest GST Invoice Software specially designed for indian businesses, just like yours!

GST Invoice Software

Point of sale

Web-based or iPad POS

Posmonk works on iPad, Mac or PC and syncs in the cloud so you can use one platform or all three.

Posmonk works offline

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, Posmonk will automatically re-sync your sales when you're back online.

Fast staff training

Posmonk is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff in minutes and get them up and selling in no time.

User accounts

Create individual staff accounts and track sales. Easily manage user permissions to restrict sensitive information.

Layaways and on-account

Allow customers to put items on layaway or make purchases on-account. Easily look up customer balances.

Returns & store credits

Refund past orders to store credit, gift cards, or back to the customer using the original payment method.

Cash management

Track all cash movements from cash float to register closure, and reduce errors, theft and discrepancies.

Custom receipts

Customize receipts with your logo and website. Choose whether to email or print receipts after a sale.


Customer groups

Treat VIP customers with discounts or targeted emails, or use groups to manage employee or wholesale prices.

Customer purchase

Customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.

Import Customer

You've worked hard to build your customer database. Easily bring those contacts over to Posmonk gst invoice software with a simple CSV upload.

gst invoice software

Customer profiles

Keep all your customer information in one place — whether they shop with you in-store, online, or both.

Central database

Manage a single customer list for all your outlets, including Posmonk Ecommerce stores, and always keep customer data in sync.

loyalty program

Grow repeat business with your own custom loyalty program that's simple to manage and easy for your customers to join.


Inventory reports

Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels, low stock information and stock on hand.

Customizable reports

Build your own reports and quickly drill into your data to see how your store, your products and your staff are performing.

Product and sales reports

Report on sales by product, brand, supplier, tag, and much more to easily identify trends and make the best decisions.

Employee performance

Set daily, weekly and monthly sales targets for each of your staff, and see how they are performing against those objectives.

Export your reports

Export your data to your preferred spreadsheet tool for in-depth analysis or send your reports to your accountant.

End of day reports

Review daily register closure summaries and sales history reports, confirm payments, and easily check for discrepancies.

Mobile Retail Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse by accessing your key sales metrics from your phone anytime, anywhere.


Variants and composites

Posmonk gst invoice software facilitate you to define multiple product sizes, colors, materials or bundle products together as in gift baskets.

Barcodes and labels

Import existing barcodes or create and print new ones. Effortlessly add products to sales, purchase orders or stock-takes.

Central product catalog

Manage a central product catalog and sync your products across all your channels to eliminate errors and extra data entry.

Pricing and promotions

Manage pricing, discounts and markups effortlessly across all your products, outlets and customer groups.

Customizable taxes

Simplify tax handling and customize your taxes for different cities, countries, states, or even different products or outlets.

Inventory control

See stock on hand, low stock information and inventory levels to help you make better decisions about your inventory.

Inventory counts

Complete full or partial inventory counts, and speed things up by performing multiple counts at the same time.

Stock orders

Always have your top-selling products in stock with automated stock orders and customizable reorder.